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Men’s health

Men’s health refers to a state of social well-being, complete physical and mental, as experienced by men, and also not merely the absence of infirmity or disease. These sometimes relate to structures such as male conditions or genitalia caused by hormones specific or most notable in, males. Other conditions that sometimes affect both men and women, such as injury and cancer, also manifest differently in men.

Men’s studies, also called masculinities in academic settings, which is an interdisciplinary academic field and devoted to topics concerning men, feminism, gender, masculinity, and politics. It draws on feminist theory in order to categorize different ideologies having to do with masculinity, and that for such analysis to examine the multiple masculinities having the idea of masculinity itself. Men’s studies also academically contain what it means to be a man in an environment and contemporary society.

Men’s health also includes medical problems in which men face problems and that problems not directly related to their life, such as the gender-differentiated approach to medical treatment and other socioeconomic and different issues. Some types of diseases that affect both genders are more common in men.

Men are at greater risk of HIV/AIDS outside Sub-Saharan Africa a phenomenon associated with the unsafe sexual activity that is not often consensual.

Men’s rights:

The men’s rights movement is concerned with a brought field and wide variety of issues, some of them have their own movements and groups, such as rights movement, the fathers’ concerned, child custody and specifically with divorce issues.

Mental health:

Men have often trouble identifying when they might be suffering from a condition and that is the mental health condition. And it is an important part of the overall body and wellbeing for males’ health and encompasses a range of different orders and disorders, each with its own issues. And these disorders can impact males’ health in different ways, relationship breakdowns, from loss of employment to suicide.

Physical health:

Physical health and exercise is an integral part and also necessary for any cultural, for team sports, individual fitness or recreational pursuits. Every male should participate in some kind of physical activity; these types of activities and facilities used to differ and walking and outdoor facilities and cycling and ranking as the most popular and structured facilities as the least popular and all of them are very necessary for the physical health.

Among the main problems for men’s physical health that are life-threatening for men are chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, blood and lymph cancer, type 2 diabetes, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer with the leading cause of death in males being ischemic heart disease.

Social health:

There are different causes that males have poorer social health outcomes than their female, from different attitudes towards social health to approaches of injury and illness. Something can affect and impact a male’s social well-being including education, employment, addiction, relationships, and injury. Being unable to write or read can have a huge impact on a male health, especially in regard to his ability to gain and improve knowledge in order to be able to make a difference to his own health and also those nearest to him. Education is shown to increase and improve a person’s ability to be able to care for others and themselves.

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