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Word Press is an online, open source website creation tool that is the easiest and powerful site to work on and it will ensure that usefulness and create value. It is also the potential place for blogging and website content management. In the beginning, it just started off as the blogging site, but over the years it has been transformed into a complete platform with content management system, offers thousands of widgets, themes, and plug-ins. It started in 2003 with a simple agenda to enhance the daily typography with few users, but now it has been evolved as the most substantial self-hosted blogging site with thousands of users who are using the site frequently to accomplish their needs of daily typography and also use it for their business management and corporate planning.

Since 2003, WordPress is working in collaboration with Bluehost a leading web solution service provider. It is the site that helps people to harness the web and to get a command on it. Adorned with popular tools, the Bluehost provides impressive services to the customers by arranging the experts who are always there to help you. Like a pro, Bluehost understand each and every tact for working on the WordPress and gives you a ravishing range of comprehensive tools. If you are thinking to start a blog post on WordPress, then Bluehost is your platform to do so with least issues regarding services and finances. Here is a complete step by step guide to starting a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

  1. Start by entering the name of your desired domain. If the domain is already available, then you have to click on the “get started now” option. Otherwise, you have to enter the name in the text box and select the domain extension.
  2. Once you are done with entering the name of the domain and selecting the domain extension from the drop-down, select the “next” option. It would lead you to register.
  3. Next step is to provide all the required information regarding your account and the go for the package information.
  4. Always choose the package that suits your budget. Once you choose the appropriate package for your subscription, complete the billing procedure and click the option of “next” on the screen.
  5. Now you are done with web hosting registration. Set your password for your Bluehost account.
  6. Next step is to install WordPress.
  7. For installation, go back to the Bluehost website where you have to click on the login link. Enter your username and password for your account. Login to the Bluehost account. Here you would see the WordPress icon in the hosting tab. Click on this icon, and you will come across the page with information regarding WordPress.
  8. Click on the option of “install.” Select the relevant default directory and select the option of “check domain.”
  9. Next, you have to select the option of “show advance options.” Here you have to enter the correct information and click on the install now button.
  10. Write down the username and password or the blog name with which you are going to access your blog.
  11. Hey there! You have successfully created a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Next time when you have to access your blog, enter your username and password for the Bluehost account and start working on your blog.

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