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“Harlem Nights Meet The Look 42”

Shaunnette Bright, Staff Writer

Harlem Nights have always been known as a vibe for high end fashion with a 1950’s twist on it. However, until recently, Harlem Nights has been transformed to become modernized. Currently, I walk the streets of Harlem daily and take in the beautiful culture of what the city has to offer. At night, the city becomes a fashion trend that inspires the vogue lifestyle and I love every moment of it. Knowing this, I made sure not to turn down my latest invitation to “The Harlem Nights” Fashion Show that was hosted in Fayetteville, North Carolina by Gold Star Runway. The venue was sold out and there were so many designers that were ready to showcase. Some local designers were able to showcase as well. Despite all the designers that showcased, I was able to link up with The Look 42 as I was very interested in her line. For Harlem Nights, this designer decided to showcase “Denim and Sequins.” Who would have ever thought to put the two together for a Harlem Nights showcase? The spotlights were hitting the sequins in such a way that made a sparkle. After the show, I decided to do a bit of Q&A with The Look 42 and she shared a few pictures but not all due to an upcoming show. Here it goes:

Q: How long have you been designing?

A: The Look 42 has been around since 2011, so that is how long I’ve been designing and I’m loving it.

Q: Recently, you had a chance to showcase your line in Fayetteville, how was that for you?

A: It was an exciting time for me; and showcasing my collection in Fayetteville, NC was great and having my family to share the experience was awesome too.

Q:  Were you nervous?

A: No. I was more excited than nervous. I was confident in my collection and just wanted to deliver an amazing segment.

Q: How do you prepare mentally for a show?

A: I prepare by a little prayer and thanking God for the knowledge, confidence, and the go-getting attitude to present my creative collection.

Q: Your line was denim and sequins and it was phenomenal! What was the inspiration behind the line?

A: Well, I always wanted to do a denim collection, and I was always fascinated with sparkling sequin. So, putting the two together just works for all ages and occasions.

Q: Any upcoming shows?

A: I am showing in Pitch Black Atlanta, Ga July 29, 2018, Red Carpet Fashion show Columbia, SC August 18, 2018 and CMBEA North Charleston, SC August 26, 2018, and a few more this Fall.

Q:  If we want to purchase your designs, how can we make this possible?

A: You can go to my website: www.thelook42.net

Q: Tell us how to get in touch with you?

A: You can contact me on Facebook at “The Look 42” or email me at thelook42@yahoo.com. Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you.


Designer: The Look 42

Photographer: LGM Photography

#goldstarrunway Copyright 2018 Gold Star Images. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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