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Food is Important to Men

Every day we grow older and older our interests, priorities and the habits and daily routine of eating changes, so it is nothing to surprise that our nutritional needs and energy for our body also do. We sometimes need energy for that we have to use the balanced diet of different foods to enable us that to look and feel the best and energetic although our bodies require specific food as we go through different life stages.

Food for the twenty to thirty years:

Daily life is difficult and not easy for most men aged twenty to thirty and healthy eating and food is often not available and balanced diet also and the ways down the list of priorities. And many surveys found that a high percentage and rate in this age of men band failed to meet the recommended daily balance diet like nutrients, including iron, calcium and folic acid and only 4% of men in the age of 19-24 get the balanced diet means targeted for fruit and vegetables.

Growing of bones density and continues to grow with a good supply of vitamin D and calcium. At this age, nutrition for bone improvement is very important. Vitamins K and D and calcium can be obtained through dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and eggs. High salt and high sugar diets can contribute to digestive system problems such as diverticular disease and high blood pressure later in life. Those men who are considering and in touch and starting a family should ensure that they are consuming enough folic acid, calories, and minerals such as calcium and iron.

Food for the thirty to fifty years:

Exercise and iron are important…

This time many people take their good health for healthy eating and exercise are put on the back burner. But as we grow good nutrition become even more important. A diet rich in antioxidants and that will help us to protect against problems like heart Alzheimer’s, disease, cataracts and certain types of cancer.

After the age of 40, in which body burns calories drop, but the drop is very important. In forty years one in four men has low iron stores. Supply the iron to your body that will helps your immune system.

Fifty to sixty years and over:

Vitamins are vital…

With spending time various psychological changes and that have a direct relation with nutritional requirements. Everyone becomes efficient at using many vitamins and minerals. Long-term use of drugs and not pure foods can reduce the absorption of nutrients. Everyone gets older their appetite and stamina decrease. So need for minerals and vitamins stays the same, or sometimes increases, Digestive system problems, like constipation and diverticular disease and other types of diseases are more common. Ensure you keep drinking lots of fresh water. Yoga can also control and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

With the time as we ge older, our sense of smell and taste becomes weak and less. Extra salt does not add to your food and uses herbs and another flavoring such as garlic, mustard, flavored, vinegar or lemon juice.

Calcium and the vitamins B6, B12 and absorption of iron and foliate are reduced. Protein is necessary for vitamin B12 absorption. As a resulting weakness concentration may occur.

Slow and steadily with time risk of heart attack and stroke also rises. The major contributing causes are too much-saturated fat, nutritional deficiencies; smoking and a lack of exercise are factors which can all be addressed.

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