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By: eseandre

It’s almost that time of year again. The holidays are fast approaching, and that means the time for shopping is fast approaching. The holidays bring so much change with them. It is a fun time for people to forget about the countless hours spent on work and the stress of day-to-day activities.

For most people, the last thing to do before the holidays begin is of course gift shopping. With the immense number of products going on sale, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide the best gift to buy for that special someone or the best item to purchase for that particular purpose. That is what this list is for. It chooses the best yet affordable tech gifts currently on the market. There is something here for everyone, be it the outdoor enthusiast, the musically-inclined or the tech-savvy guru; many more. Everyone can find something here that appeals to him.

  1. Gear Aid Flux – $100 – $150

For the happy camper, this is a must have. It is a lamp that does so much more than just brighten up a campsite. The batteries’ capacity is 20, 8000 mAh. And at 640 lumens, the lamp can provide more than just a small pool of light. But perhaps one of its most attractive features is it also doubles as a charger because it comes with a USB port for your laptop and phones, so you can stay online and keep in touch even in the wilderness.

  1. Ultimate Ears Roll 2 – $70

This solid, Bluetooth speaker stand out from the rest for a myriad of reason. For instance, it is waterproof and its battery boasts a maximum of 9 hours of life, and everything comes in a small, round device that gives new meaning to the word ‘portability’.

  1. Sony Waterproof Walkman – $99

This I another device for the avid music lover. It’s for those who wish to carry their music wherever they are, be it the park, grocery store or even underwater. The design of the headphones itself has been fine-tuned for best performance underwater. So whether you’re relaxing in a swimming pool, there is soft music to soothe and relax you, and or riding towering waves, or fast music to keep that adrenaline going.

  1. Parrot Mambo – $180

So drones are now becoming a staple for most people, and don’t be left out. You often wonder how some Instagram shots look so amazing; it becomes even more amazing when you realize those pictures were not taken by professionals. The credit all goes to aerial drones, and the Parrot Mambo FPV is one of the most affordable out there. For the price, it packs features absent in others much more expensive than it. It’s very small so it can be flown even in the smallest places, and its camera takes the sharpest pics. For its size, it’s very durable too. This is a perfect gift for anyone, especially the camera or picture-taking addicts.

So if you are looking to make the holiday a lot more exciting and fun, these 5 gifts should be on the top of your wish list. Have a lovely holiday.

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